DEAD EFFECT 2 v161213.1706 [Apk + Data]

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Today i have brought a new famous zombie shooting game known as DEAD EFFECT 2

So get ready for some serious zombie killing time.


In the world of new games Dead Effect 2 is a first person RPG shooter set within the depths of space. In this game the main characters are Gunnar Davis and Jane Grey, of which you can play either during the story-mode The story begins in the year 2045 when you’re woken from cryostasis as part of a security protocol some 170 days into your original journey. You later learn that the crew on-board have been subject of a man-made virus which has both killed and reanimated them, zombies to you and I; the real sucker punch comes however when you learn that you’re also infected. I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot, but needless to say, the storyline is actually very good, and should you remain loyal to the game, you’ll be rewarded with a fine conclusion.

The core structure of the game is level based be it progression through zones or developing your character through a level system. The option is there to return to previously completed zones where you can farm cash, experience and weaponry The game allows for both solo and co-op playing styles, which is encouraging for a title priced so reasonably. The zones can be tough, literally fighting for your life tough, which in turn allows for a real sense of accomplishment once you’ve dominated an area, or conversely, scraped through within an inch of your life. As you progress through the game and gather more experience, your overall level will increase which will allow for access to better weaponry and armour.

The greatest threat to your survival is the plethora of zombies and other devilish folk who wish for nothing more than to see you ripped limb from limb. The character design is awesome, there is a grit and brutality to how each enemy has been designed. The enemy has a range of abilities available to them, some will limp slowly in your general direction, others will sprints with a ferocious venom and purpose, shit your pants time when that happens! Others will attack at range and keep their distance. The interaction with your character is quite splendid too, should you nail that decisive head-shot, blood will hurtle into the air after dissecting a main artery with pinpoint precision, the thick red blood spraying onto the walls and surfaces around you, stupendously gory stuff that ought to satisfy the most bloodthirsty of gamer.

So today you are goona enjoy this game a lot. Have fun ✌


How to install??? 

Download the apk and data file according to your mobile processor (If you dont know your mobile processor then it on google)

2. Extract the data file and place it into internal storage/Andriod/obb

3. Install the apk and enjoy playing


Andriod version - 4.0 & up

Apk file : click here to download (Adreno)

Data file : click here to download (Adreno)

Apk file : click here to download (Mali T628)

Data file : click here to download (Mali T628)

Apk file : click here to download (PowerVR)

Data file : click here to download (PowerVR)

Apk file : click to download (Tegra)

Data file : click here to download (Tegra)

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